Staff Development Day

Staff Development Day for Ka Lima O Maui Staff included taking the “True Color Personality Test” and painting at Island Art Party. To start, all staff answered a questionnaire which then assigned a color that showed each person’s personality style.
True Colors Personality Test is one such test with the use of four colors to represent four styles of being – green, blue, orange, and gold. Each of us has some of all these colors in our personality, but most of us have more of one than the others. We call this our dominant personality style.
No one color is better than another. At Ka Lima O Maui where we value teamwork and social growth, it’s very helpful to have a variety of different colors so that we have all the personality traits we need to thrive as a community. A rainbow needs all of its colors to be a rainbow and Ka Lima O Maui needs all of the colorful personality of its staff to be successful.
After the “True Color Personality Test”, everyone enjoyed a Island Art Party and collaborated on a beautiful island landscape scene with their co-workers.


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