Job Placement Programs

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation


Job Placement and Retention Services

Provide job placement and retention services to individuals with significant disabilities, both physical and mental. Individualized services are provided to enable the individual to achieve meaningful employment consistent with the participant’s strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interest, and informed choice. Employment is the ultimate objective of this program.

Supported Employment Services

Provide supported employment services for individuals with significant disabilities and who have been unable to maintain competitive employment, thus need supported employment services to obtain, and maintain satisfactory employment. Services included but not limited to are:

  • In depth assessment of strengths, aptitudes, interest, values and attitudes
  • Development of resume, interview skills, job search
  • Job placement, training and coaching
  • Long term support

Vocational Work Adjustment Training Services

Provides classroom, facility and /or community training to increase a consumer’s interpersonal skills relating to basic traits and attitudes. Individualized services provided are:

  • Series of pre-employment classes
  • In depth assessment of strengths, aptitudes, interest, values and attitudes
  • Work experience

Work experience programs teach basic skills and expose clients to the real demands and expectations of community-based employment. In order to maintain employment, most referred to this program required extensive coaching and long-term support.


Disabled persons are a true representation of our diverse community and Safeway gives opportunity to everyone who desires to work.

Brandon Nishikawa, Safeway Lahaina