Glove Assist

Ka Lima O Maui has been working with Source America to develop a new tool for persons with the use of only one hand to independently put on a safety glove. Called “Glove Assist”, the tool allows the person to attached the glove to the “Glove Assist”. Once attached, the person places their hand into the now partially open glove. They then reverse out of the tool with the glove securely and fully on their hand. Andrian, a worker with Ka Lima O Maui Custodian Department, demonstrated and was filmed by Source America using the “Glove Assist”. Special Mahalo also to Dan Honma, Director of Operations, who coordinated Ka Lima’s role in the project.

Andrian lost the use of his left hand after a stroke. He was complimentary of the new tool and discussed the other versions of the tool developed earlier. For people like Andrian the “Glove Assist” is another means to work independently and to do their job safely. The adaptive tool will be useful to many organizations and programs far beyond Ka Lima O Maui as Source American came to Ka Lima to film Adrian and to distribute to over 700 agencies nationwide. Ka Lima O Maui is honored for our part in the development of this tool.


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