Mayor Mike Victorino surprises Ka Lima’s Zoom VWATS Class

During a recent VWATS Class (Vocational and Work Adjustment Training Services), Mayor Mike Victorino was a surprise guest. When the participants came back from a break, he was on the Zoom screen waiting for them. The mayor spoke with the students about striving to do your best and following your dreams. He enjoyed meeting each of the students, and they were so surprised to see him on the call.
Now, this may seem like a small gesture but it had a big impact. It was very considerate of him to do so on such short notice. He always steps up for Ka Lima O Maui and gives from his heart. That is why he is so popular with all of the workers and clients of Ka Lima O Maui.
Thank you Mayor Victorino for all that you do in our community, for being a friend of Ka Lima O Maui and for taking time out for the VWATS Class.


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